Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hard Rock Café is coming?

Oh well, REALLY? I was overwhelmed with this when I first heard from a friend of mine. Well you know lah in Sabah we don’t really get most of the international brand or stuffs. That’s why I have decided to check out the store on the same day, during the night around 10.30pm.

I was thinking, since it is a café so they must be open at night still because they are targeting orang KK (KK people). Feeling excited, and… Wait a minute; it’s not the Hard Rock Café but the Rock Shop. It was closed! Everyone was saying it’s a café that’s why I’m expecting something but its okay, now it is confirmed that it’s The Rock Shop.

Selling T-shirts and other rock stuffs, it’s suitable for teenagers or young adults. Check them out if you are around the Waterfront area. It is located right in front of the Marina Court Service Apartment; right at the corner on the right when you are facing to the sea.

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