Sunday, 27 April 2014


Sponsored wardrobe: Checking out #AdidasNEO by #AdidasMY

Another great outing during the weekend with the girls and of course, AdidasNEO. Well, normally we will have food reviews together - too often! This time, we spent our time together hunting for the best outfit in AdidasNEO store at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. What’s next? Perhaps another shopping spree? *fingers crossed*

Reaching at the store about 1:00pm in the afternoon and first greeted by the friendly staffs at the store. Explaining why are we here and we started walking around hunting for what we want at the second minute. The bright AdidasNEO store somehow attracts shoppers attention as it is vibrant with cool music that urge you to shop more.

Look at the exterior and interior of the store. Neon lights, colourful male and female outfits, modern and stylish sneakers and wedges for the ladies, backpacks, accessories, and the list go on and on. For Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber fans, don’t forget to check out ‘what to wear’ for your favourite celebrities are currently wearing as they are the brand ambassador for AdidasNEO Label.

Want to know what did I do before the day came? I've checked on AdidasNEO online to hunt for the things that I wanted to grab! I hope you do what I did too so that you will not what to get first hand. Three of us were hunting left and right of the store and we have bought 3 bags each! Wait for the next up coming post to see what I have bought. Definitely, I love the material and the style.

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