Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Mum fell down

... from stairs

While we all doing our weekly routine, we never expect that something will happen right?

When I was cleaning my house at the upper floor, my sister also cleaning her own room, then my mum was mopping the staircase. We didn't expect that this will happen. She was asking us to not come down while the stairs still wet. Then suddenly I heard she shout ‘Chloe, mama fall down’ Then I rushing down stairs and help her. She can't even move herself then her body still lying on the stairs. My sisters and father come over and accompany mum. Helped her to check on her body and then rush to hospital in case it was not how easy it could be.

Before went to the hospital, mum tried to lie on the bed.
Yes, that time it was not so serious but then when the time she wanted to get up from the bed, it was hard and don't even have the strength to get up.

Lucky there's always angels around us.
She hurt her side and the back of her knee.
There was no injured on the head and back bone or spine.

Yes she is strong
My Strong mum
Super woman ^^
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