Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Time Passes By

There is a time, when we are young, when we lie out in a meadow, our hands clasped behind our head, and we stare up at the sky, we dream of what our life might be. The possibilities seem endless, and we are enchanted at this vision. It beckons us toward Life, and Joy.
But then, as things work out, and we grow older, Reality sets in. we decide we have to settle. Settle for a life that’s less than what we dreamed. A different life. Maybe an Okay life. But definitely a lesser life. And, at times, a boring life.
But sometime later, in our life, something awakens within us. Call it yearning. Call it hope. We come to realize the dream we dreamed has never died. And we go back to get it. We decide to resume our search… for the life we know within our heart that we were meant to live.

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