Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Restaurant Original Village Recipe

Hello Everyone!
Sorry again for the late updates.

Recently I felt tired. Keep on and on.
Do you know why? Tell me because I don’t really know.
My eyes are closing… even now.
For real, *closing*

This restaurant is located at Damai.
Just behind Yoyo.

Believe me,
This place is nice but I think they have to improve the foods. The services are great whereas the boss herself serves us like in a home.

Teas are refillable.

We ordered dumplings with Pumpkin fillings and another one with Green Pepper.

I must tell you that, the dumplings with Pumpkin fillings are the one I’m not satisfied with. This is because I can’t smell the scent and taste of pumpkin while it is placed on my mouth by that time. On the other hand, the Green Pepper fillings are nice and I give it a two thumb up!

Price: RM8.00 for 10pcs

Normal restaurant’s price will be RM6.00.
So, why don’t give a try by paying additional RM2?

Enjoy the pictures!

Picture Below: The Shop ImagePicture Below: WallsPicture Below: The InteriorPicture Below: Wild Chrysanthemum TeaPicture Below: Rose TeaPicture Below: Pot and Cup (Good Quality)Picture Below: Forgotten it's namePicture Below: Dumplings with Pumpkins fillingsPicture Below: Dumpling (Guo Tie) with Green Pepper fillings
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