Monday, 15 June 2009


Labuan Trip Part 2

Yo yo yo JJ and Ruddy!
Just Kidding! LOL

Hello everyone!
Now it’s the time I’m going to post up my trip to Labuan Part 2 as I will talk about the day I arrived to my destination!

And once again, the pictures say it all.
Sorry that I didn’t talk much for these few updates because I’m having mid term week test! Best of all to me and my friends!

Oh ya! I forgot to tell you this.
Everything, I remember to chik chak.
You know what I forgot to snap?
The hotel that I stayed.

Picture below: First thing first. I need Ice CreamPicture Below: Reach HotelPicture Below: Donno what to eat? KFC available! lolPicture Below: Early in the morning, the olds chit chat here

Stay Tune for Labuan Trip Part 3

Need to study now after my long warm bath! Huu~

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