Friday, 26 June 2009


Labuan Trip Part 3

Sorry that I didn’t update again…
Sorry sorry!!

I am having a test week two weeks ago and this week is an assignment week to me as it is near to the due date. I get one of my results and I am really happy with it. For real, I never get that high mark before in my college and my lecturer gave me a present. Huh~ what a week! Tired and I didn’t have much time to sleep and I fully use up my brain to think about the answers for my case study. *shake shake head* Now I realize, case study is really hard.

About today,
I went to this Mari Mari Cultural Village that located quite far from the Inanam main town. I will upload the pictures and videos someday! I must upload those video for you all to have a look in Sabah’s cultural! Plus, I am in the video dancing for the Bamboo dance of Murut culture.

Now let me continue with my Labuan trip!
This is what I bought from there ahahhaha!

Can you see lots of chocolates?!
It’s all MINE!!
Nahh.. I couldn’t afford to buy that much!
Some of them are belongs to my mum and she bought it for the staffs in company.

I still left a few. Who wants?
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