Thursday, 4 June 2009


Away to Labuan

Hi Everyone!
I have to inform you that I will be going to Labuan for a day.

Well, it's my mum's best friend's daughter.
She's getting married and congratulations to her. Wish her all the happiness here.

I have to attend her wedding banquet which I suppose to accompany my mum since I have been told that dad will be working on that day. Now, my dad is going because his work already been cancelled.

Good news is,
I can have a break from whatever I have in mind recently and it's been a while that I haven't really get out from this country because I get used to it when I was still studying in KL.
The most important which is, I can spend time with my parents.

Sadly, there will be no updates from me for tomorrow! Haha! Not sad.. because this few weeks, my blogs are not up to date but yesterday I just did!

Going to Labuan is my second time.
That time I was still in my primary and I can't recall how Labuan is. BUT I did remember that I have to buy lots of chocolates from there!

So, guess this is it.
Good night to all as I have to wake up at 6am and catch the ferry at 8am tomorrow.

My mum say,
"Tomorrow, when I shout you 'wake up' then you have to wake up ahhh~"

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