Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Lok Lok King !

Well, at the ground floor of my house in KL !
Genting Klang is its name haha
There is a shop named Lok Lok King and it taste so so so good!
Is a steamboat and all the Tarc student loves to eat there cause the price is reasonable and affordable. Serves many vegetables, seaweed, meatballs, meat stuffs like chickens, beef, seafood too!
They serves desert too like fruits and ice cream! My Favourite!

It seems like white snake inside my stove..

I suppose to keep fit during my trip to KL this time.. but I guess, I can't.
I eat Lots and Enjoying the food just like I won't go back to KL again..
I'm gonna tell you.. NOPE! Of course I'm going there again!
Shopping.. Eating out.. and I haven't Mickey Mouse Wedding Puzzle!!!
KL!! ~~~~~~ I'll be back!

Oh ya! Here's the Shop Logo

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