Thursday, 23 May 2013


Making of Lepa Lepa Boats

I have an hour to kill during the afternoon today so I visited one of our local souvenir shops, KADAIKU that sells many of our local handicrafts.

Located at Sinsuran, it is actually near to the Filipino Market; behind of the Alliance Bank (if you can see from the Filipino Market).

Just today, I was curious that there is a man sitting right in the middle of the shop with some carving tools on the working table. So I asked the person in charge there at the counter, “What is he doing here?” It’s actually part of a monthly event in KADAIKU that they will have the natives to visit the souvenir shop and show the process of making the selected souvenirs. And today, the topic is The Making of Semporna Lepa-Lepa Traditional Boat.

Lepa means Boat in the dialect of east coast Sea Bajau people, the gypsies of the sea. Sea Bajau spends most of their lives on lepa-lepa boat. It is one of the most attractive handicrafts that are made from wood. If you would like to know more about it, visit them tomorrow (last day!) but if you missed this, then you got to come back next month with a different topic – Pandan Handicraft.

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