Friday, 24 May 2013


Kentin Bakut aka Bakut Canteen, Tuaran, Sabah

Just came back from Tuaran! Loving my road trip today from KK City, to Tuaran, to Tamparuli, then Shangri-La Rasa Ria, and… home safely.

We were on our way to Tamparuli but we stopped somewhere nearby Tuaran to have our breakfast. At the very first, I thought we are going to have our breakfast at the Tuaran Town but nope, we did not.

Located by the road side between Telipok and Tuaran, (it is hard to find actually but no worries, there’s a U-Turn if you passed the restaurant), this restaurant is actually quite an old restaurant that I have never dined in before. I was told that the owner of the restaurant does fishing and serves fresh fish for their customers. So, let’s try!

Arriving at the restaurant, I was shocked to see there are quite a number of customers. From a table of a family, to a gang of secondary school students, they knew this place! There are several dishes on the menu but I have decided to try on their Tom Yam/ Tom Yum Seafood.

In Sabah, we do like spicy food. Tom Yum is one of our famous dishes here but you need to know where to find the good ones. While waiting for our Tom Yam, I realised that everybody is eating the same thing – Tom Yam! So when that bowl of delicious Tom Yam was served right in front of me, I was attracted by the colour of the Tom Yam. From its colour, I knew it’s going to be HOT!

Oh, don’t forget. Before you start messing yourself, try to get a spoonful of the soup. Well, I did and I found out that it taste different than the Tom Yam that I’ve tried in Kota Kinabalu town itself. It doesn’t taste milky though, but the taste of the prawn is strong and that makes it different and special. Also, it is true that the fish and the prawn that they served are indeed fresh. It is chewy, not soggy, and it has its own sweetness. Oh goodness, I just thought about my first bite on the prawn. Lovely.

Bakut Canteen opens from Monday to Saturday, 6:30AM to 3:00PM. Sometimes they opens on Public Holidays, sometimes they don’t. So, give a try and trust me, it is worth trying.

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