Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Almost to June update

Despite on my busy schedule, I will still think about all my readers here in angels-be-with-you. Can’t believe it’s almost half a year GONE! Time running fast so I hope all of you have played wisely.

Oh well, I know I have been missing lots of updates and write ups, I am suppose to blog about lots of food reviews as I have been invited to A LOT this year. Also, I have been travelling around Sabah just to explore a little bit more. I found this is a BIG change in Kota Kinabalu where there are many events going on throughout the year. Imagine, food reviews? It can happen two to three reviews in a week! But hey, do keep it going because I love sharing my taste with every one of you. And you know my style – I travel, explore, and share my experiences here and there. Anyways, I guess I have to dig out my suppose-to-blog reviews. Please accept my sincere apologies to everyone including business owners and my readers from all over the world.

I have been travelling back and forth to Kundasang and Ranau, to Tenom, Indonesia, and just came back from Mantanani Island (beautiful island, hmmph). Can’t believe that I saw dolphins with my own eyes! Meeting quite a number of new friends, we share the same interests which is travelling and explore places to places and EAT! So, do stay tune!

This picture was taken when I was on the boat departing from Mantanani Island to the Kuala Abai Jetty. Nothing to do but taking pictures was a fun thing to do.

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