Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Love your parents, as they loves you.

I came across with this picture and it inspires me to write, suddenly.

Many of us (or maybe just me) wonder what the feeling is, when you reached this world. 
Now, we only know “How” to live in this world. I’m always curious.

None of us can remember the every first moment when we came to this world because we are just tiny ones, closes our eyes until we first cried, that moment that every mother first delivers their babies. We just can’t recall back that important moment when we were born.

We never know how it is like when we were born.
We never know how we feel when we first pushed out from mother’s womb.
We never know... a lot of things when we first born, but only when our parents told us how.
But, the truth is, we want to know... “How?”

Maybe one day we will know how it is like and that time might be the time when we are the ones that make “Life”. When only a new baby is born and from there we know “how” it is like and what is the “feeling”. That is why, “Life” started from that single moment.

Parents are the ones who bring us to life. They have made us biologically.
Mothers are the ones that carries us about 9 months and every father are the ones that taking care of the mother and the baby in the womb. We do know it is hard to carry a baby in a tummy, everybody knows that but we do not really know the exact feeling when we are carried by our mother... until you tried it yourself.

I hope everyone do appreciate their lives, but not only realise it when it is too late. And I do believe that the single moment of a “Life” was born; it is a happiness and wonderful experience that you would cherish. And I believe every mother and father experienced it throughout the whole journey of bringing a “Life”. And it goes on and on... generation to generation.

Cherish every moment that you have with your parents. From there, you will understand the life that they want us to live in.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy and Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.

With all my love.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sandakan/ Lahad Datu/ Jesselton/ Gayana in a week.

Busy lately...

Just came back from Sandakan and Lahad Datu not long ago as part of my duty as the Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador. All of us went there almost for a week and we manage to visit few places such as Sepilok, Rainforest Discovery Centre, Bilit Rainforest Lodge, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Borneo Rainforest Lodge at Danum Valley, and few more.

Not to worry, I will show my experience with you guys soon.  But I have written my experience in Tabin Wildlife Reserve on the Ambassador Blog. Maybe you guys should have a look so I won’t double post it. ;)
  Click picture to view my post in Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador Blog

Once I got back to KK, I need to head down to the sea. I remember that I reached KK about 1pm? After that I had a little fever, but then I try to rest a little bit to cool down myself.  Then 4pm, I’m off to meet the Raja Laut at Jesselton Point. Breeze Magazine team had been invited, so I have to go and check it out. In fact, it is a really nice yacht and it is perfect for events. Maybe wedding shots as well? More to do when you have ideas my dears.

After a short night to feel the breeze, it makes me relaxed from my busy schedule and I’m looking forward to visit the yacht again.

Walking towards the entrance of Jesselton Point, there is a public event by Etiqa. There are four to five clowns around? And it really scares me. I... I have a bad experience with clowns. You know, when we are young and innocent, watching movies... and yea, the clown movie. The scary ones.

Anyway, after that night, I had a good rest and the next day, I have been appointed to meet Ronan Keating at Gayana Eco Resort.

To be continue...