Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Mango & Durian Pancake

Different people in the world have different taste of cuisine. How about desserts? I do believe most of the ladies out there loves desserts and eventually fall in love with the ones that they have tasted (which suits their taste).

Mango Pancake from Lucy’s Kitchen is refreshing and the Durian Pancake is smooth and creamy. Well, for those who don’t really like durian (of course I won’t mention about Mango because everybody loves Mango for sure); you can try this Durian Pancake as it is less ‘smelly’. The skin of the pancake is unique. It is thin and fragile.

How to go Lucy’s Kitchen?
It is located at The 88 Market Place, Kepayan.
Here’s their number - 088-259 866 Good luck.

Personally, I love Durian and of course I will go for the Durian Pancake. What about you?
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