Saturday, 8 September 2012


All geared up for jungle trekking in Lahad Datu

I remember the first time when I did my first jungle trekking was in Tabin Wildlife Reserve. It is located at Lahad Datu as well, just like Danum Valley and Maliau Basin – The Lost World.

First in Tabin Wildlife Reserve back in 2010, I used soccer socks because the leeches there are not that scary. But it's a very good option! At least I managed to cover up til my knees. Second time I went to Tabin Wildlife Reserve this year in 2012, I used the same and still nothing happen to me. Then, when I reached Danum Valley in 2012, OMG I so need to use a leech socks because it’s not just leeches here but it’s Tiger Leeches.

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