Saturday, 11 September 2010


Wounds that will never end

Written by ChloeTiff LMT

Every time when we are falling,
Blackouts and emptiness appeared.
Your brain is trying to catch up with your body,
But failing miserably at it.

Unsure of what this should be,
Or we just get use to this relation?
I don't want to face the stream of disarray,
Emptiness and aimlessness that lies ahead.

There is an unknown ends looming ahead,
Whereby it's rather hard or easy.
My heart just feebly tags along,
Trying to appear determined.

No matter what happens in life,
I still have my doubts.
I feel nostalgic yet distant,
But I will still be there when you need me.


Paula said...

What a great blog!

Have a nice time!

♫╬ ChloeTiffany ╬♪ said...

Thanks Paula!
Have a great day ahead!