Thursday, 30 September 2010


Project AWARE in Kota Kinabalu

It’s good to blog again!

This time, it’s all about PROJECT AWARE!
I hope most of us know about this event but if you don’t, it’s my pleasure to explain ;)

First of all, please click here to visit Project AWARE foundation website.
Project AWARE is an international event that will be held yearly! Everyone can participate in this event as to care our environment!

Borneo Divers Training Institute (BDTI) held the Project AWARE Campaign in Mamutik Island on 25th September 2010. Plus, our Minister of Tourism & Culture and Environment YB Datuk Masidi Manjun will officiate the program and launched the Go Green "Plastic Bottle Reduction" campaign!

As the ambassador, Miss Nature’s Guardian appointed by Borneo Divers, I will like to say thank you to Borneo Divers for hosting me in this event and I'm glad that I took part in this! I feels like home when I see all the instructors. Really love them a lot and really really thank you for teaching all of us! I hope to contribute more in protecting our environment.

There are about 200 people participated in this Project AWARE Campaign and a total of 811.5kg of rubbish was collected from three islands on Project AWARE! 290kg at Sulug Island, 61.5kg at Mamutik Island, 460kg at Manukan Island! Happy that we collected all those rubbish under water!

Apart from that, please visit some of these articles to know what happened that day.

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Picture Below: Preparing!
Picture Below: Timothy joined! Dewina too and she's the best buddy ever!
Picture Below: Shades :)
Picture Below: REACHED!
Picture Below: Our diving sets and Datuk Masidi interact with us for a while!
Picture Below: The awesome instructors from Borneo Divers!
Picture Below: The total of 811.5kg of rubbish!

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