Thursday, 12 June 2014


All you can eat - Duck Delights in June at The Silk Garden

Another scrumptious menu, The Silk Garden at The Pacific Sutera offers Duck Delights this month of June. Are you a duck lover? Why not take the time to try something new in town?

Look at how Michael cut the fine duck skin. It was thin, and crispy.

As they placed the whole duck behind us, setting up and going to cut them in pieces, immediately I can smell the roasted duck. It's like you can know you are going to be served soon! No kidding.

I like to eat Peking Duck and my family will go to the Chinese restaurant in Tanjung Aru. Or else, we will just tapau from Petaling Street whenever we travel to Kuala Lumpur. Boxes of boxes of duck will be shipped back to Kota Kinabalu. Hehe.

Now let us see the Menu in The Silk Garden.

1. Peking Duck DUO Flavour & Duck Bone Broth - RM100++ Per Duck (5/5)
Now this is tricky. The Peking Duck DUO Flavour will be the Duck Skin, and the Peking Duck Wraps + Duck Bone Broth. So, three dishes in one order! Yums. Definitely I will come back for this as it is worth the price and experience!

Now, let's talk about the first thing - Duck Skin. Don't tell me nobody like to eat this. Even for a person who doesn't really like to eat normal poultry skin, I like this. A LOT. Thin and crispy duck skin - don't just allow your eyes to see, but let your mouth to taste the crispy duck skin. Frankly speaking, this is one crispy duck skin that certainly gets you in the mood and wanted more.

Now, the second - Peking Duck Wrap. All time favourite dish, this is one delicious duck wrap that I have not tasted for so long. But, well, normally we don't get this often. I mean, the service of being served when it comes to this dish. Usually the fun way of indulging this dish is to warp the duck on your own. Firstly, take a piece of the pancake and put it onto your plate, spread the special prepared sause, and then add the cucumber and spring onions. Lastly, wrap it all together. If you have no idea how to do it, no worries, it's all prepared as it is a fine dining restaurant. :P

Here comes the Duck Bone Broth. Unexpected, this is an interesting soup. A little bit taste of sourly, spicy, and sweet. This is because the soup should look a bit like white in colour but this is a clear soup. Now this is one dish that I do recommend you to order when you are dining in The Silk Garden. 

2. Pan-Seared Crispy Skin Duck Breast with Onion Marmalade Dip and Semi-Dried Roasted Plum - RM40.00 Per Portion
Something different about this dish as I first took a peek, I thought it was bruchetta! Funny me. Tomato topped with pan-seared duck breast and onion, it is tender and juicy. I am a meat eater, so this is one interesting dish that I have never tried before. There's a strong taste of the onion marmalade dip, but I like the meat. Serious. Please note that the second picture shows the actual serving.

3. Duck Leg Confit with Citrus Reduction - RM45.00++ Per Portion
Everyone likes Chicken Drumstick. What about Duck Leg? It certainly looks like a Lamb Shank here right?

4. Unique Duck Ravioli with Double Boiled Superior Golden Broth - RM35.00++ Per Portion

5. Chef Louie's Smoked Duck Passion Fruit & Lemon Grass Compote - RM35.00++ Per Portion

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