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First in Sabah - Zip across the South China Sea with Coral Flyer!

Borneo’s longest Zipline and the longest island to island Zipline in the world is ready for you to ride!

Mind you, not the whole South China Sea. Hehe. Look at the picture!

Many of you could have tried Ziplines in the jungle, but zipping from an island to another island is another exciting activity that you can now experience it in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! The Coral Flyer at Gaya Island is a new tourism product here in Sabah. Fly across two islands – from Gaya Island to Sapi Island, you may need to take a short hike up to the platform. But before that, of course, there will be a safety procedure and briefing. 

Buy your tickets at Sapi Island Jetty! Where is that? It’s the smallest island compared to the rest of the islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. You can either travel to the islands from Jesselton Point, or Sutera Marina Jetty. The current rate for the Coral Flyer is MYR50. The package includes boat transfers from Sapi Island to Padang Point at Gaya Island, Zipping equipment, (not including boat transfers from KKCity), Harnesses, and the awesome experience.

Question: Why must be at Sapi Island? Can we buy tickets straight from Padang Point?
Yes you may. You can purchase Coral Flyer ticket straight from their staffs who are always ready to serve you.

Open daily from 10:00am to 4:00pm, it is built and operated by Ropeskills Rigging Sdn Bhd - www.ropeskills.com.my. The Coral Flyer is built for the thrill. Visitors are able to experience 250 metres long Zipline, and it’s up to average 60 km/h.

Now let us go in detail.
We have 15 bloggers (sponsored) and friends tried out the Coral Flyer for the first time. I have tired the Ziplines at Kiulu but this is definitely my first time ever. All of us gathered at Jesselton Point and we sailed off around 9.30am. Thanks to Beverly who had our tickets discounted!

Before stepping onto the jetty at Sapi Island, we saw some visitors zipping away from Gaya Island and it certainly excite us all. Listening to the guest’s scream, it even thrills us more! As the boat set at the jetty, most of us can't wait to try out the Coral Flyer. While you have reached the Sabah Park counter on the left, besides paying for the Conservation Fees, you'll see the registration for Coral Flyer at the small corner of the counter. Simon Amos, the owner greeted us and helped us with the registrations and he gave us a short brief too. Thanks to the good service, Simon!

“With a fifteen year history of building Ziplines in Asia, Ropeskills Rigging have an impressive pedigree in the world of high ropes courses. The Coral Flyer is going to be our own facility right from the start, the first facility that we have built to operate and own so it was designed without a pre-determined budget.” - www.coralflyer.com

Walked ourselves to the most furthest table that we can see the cables, we had our perfect spot to keep all our belongings and a great open space to swim. As we take turns in groups, we (Bev, Derrick, Faisal, and I) was in the last group. While the others are trying to shout their life out at the platform, we took a good swim at the sea. How can we miss out a good outdoor workout right? Especially with the beautiful sunny day at KK City.

Alright, now is our turn and here's how we spent the MYR50.
The four of us gather and waited *while munching junk food* for our boat at the Jetty in Sapi Island. We were supposed to be transferred to Padang Point, where the main base of Coral Flyer is. But, we then follow the boat to one of the platform to get the equipments first. While fetching the equipments, here come the screaming of my sister.

Faisal was telling me that most of the divers gather at this place as we were walking into the main base from the Padang Point Jetty at Gaya Island. All helmets, harnesses, and zipline equipment are ready for us get onto our hands. Once we are ready, we took a short jungle trek to the platform.

FYI. It's like someone helping you to wear a pants. I'm so shy so I pull it up myself after snapping this picture!

And here we are. Trying to keep calm. We looked calm but actually we are not.


Beverly and I actually waited for another team to go first because we were like stunted for a while after the boys left us all alone at the platform. Creepy, not. Sometimes it’s better to be the last so that we know how we are going to pose for the camera at the end point. Funny! Smiles. Well, even though both Beverly and I were adventurous monkeys, but still our hearts was like pumping fast as if it almost jumped out from our mouth.

*Special thanks to this guy who make sure that I am safe*

Thanks to this guy who make me feel calm. I was holding my camera and was planning to take a video shoot while I’m doing the Zipline. As usual, I questioned a lot before my foot was the last to leave the platform. Holding the handle and my DSLR with another hand, it was not an easy task. If you planned to bring along your camera, make sure it is secured, and make sure you have the strength to hold the handle with one hand.

Oh. What about sandals? They will have a safe place to hang it. No worries because you need the sandals for trekking. 

Couldn’t take a picture of myself while zipping. This might be a perfect view for you to have a good look while you're actually "flying". See, how beautiful is the islands in Sabah? Even it is just 15 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu.

*Yeps, that's me in white T-shirt, green shorts, and a camera. While Bev is actually screaming hehe.

After all, who doesn't like adventure?
Give a try, or regret afterwards.

The Official Opening Ceremony this Friday for the Coral Flyer! Dato' Seri Tengku Dr. Zainal Adlin bin Tengku Mahmood will be the VIP to come along and be the 'first' rider and who better in Sabah to showcase adrenaline tourism in Sabah! Why not come along and join us on Sapi Island on Friday morning? There will be free rides all day for journalists and people working in the tourism sector, and I WILL BE THERE! So, see you later aligator! 

I'm gonna upload the video soon! So, bear with me.

For more info, Coral Flyer Island to Island Zipline :-
Operating Hours : 10.00am to 4.00pm DAILY
Contact No. : +6011 298 42023
Fax No. : +6088 484 934
Email : simon@coralflyer.com or yong@coralflyer.com

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