Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Deluxe Room in Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Danum Valley

We were way out of the planned schedule that we have on hands. Once we have reached Danum Valley, we checked into Borneo Rainforest Lodge. As the Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador, I have given a chance to travel to Danum Valley.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge is built beside the Danum River. It is like an international standard lodge which is an eye opener for me. How can you expect to have such beautiful lodge located in the middle of the virgin jungle? It's like heaven. The lodge only accommodates a maximum of 60 people as to protect the mother nature, also to ensure all guest will have their own and memorable jungle experiences. I have mine, of course, and I am going to share it all here in this blog.

Now, let's see what Borneo Rainforest Lodge an offer you.

Did you see the previous picture? It is the lobby of Borneo Rainforest Lodge, first floor. Guest are able to rest and relax this is spot. Do remember this: You will get the best WIFI signal in this spot. Please don't tell anyone that I told you. ;)

Now, talk about my room.
I was placed in the Deluxe Room which is located beside and facing to the Danum River. I am amazed as I walked into my room. Big wooden panel door, Jacuzzi Pool outside the room facing the virgin jungle, big comfortable sofa, pillows and beds, with complimentary drinks and cookies, and nice bathroom too.

Everyday, birds will just come, play hide and seek in bushes and trees. Grab a chance to snap their pictures, and here's a picture of one. Let me know if you can see the bird that I'm trying to snap!

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