Thursday, 18 October 2012


Escargot from Esmeralda Restaurant, Paris

After a long journey from the hotel to the heart of Paris from morning, we came to this restaurant randomly. This was a great choice for lunch after visiting Notre Dame.

As we walked towards a few restaurants across the street from Notre Dame Cathedral, most of the restaurants and cafes are selling breads. We wouldn’t want to have bread for like every day, so we walked and walked till we met Esmeralda. Yes, very sexy name. Always remember, when you travel, do not be afraid to try their local dishes or cuisine. You may not know when will be your next trip back!

The first important mission for us to have lunch is to try the Escargot. It’s funny when you listen to a Malaysian and a French talk. I tried to blend in for the sack of my tummy and 3 other tummies that are starving.

We have ordered ½ dozen of Escargot. First bite, addicted. Second bite, I WANT MORE! But we can’t you see as we have a budget. Blame on the conversion. Buttery sauce when some herbs, it doesn't smell bad at all.

 After all, friendly and hard working waiter, delicious food, great environment for us to feel "to be a local a day" best combination! 

15 Rue Lamartine, 75009 Paris, France
01 42 81 58 08


Lim Eunice said...

I wish to sample some of these!;D

Chloe Tiffany Lee said...

Hi Eunice! Thanks for your comment. I wish to eat it now! Haha. Trust me, its nice! Dare to try!

Meitzeu said...

Another blog for foods only. Aiyoyo....

Chloe Tiffany Lee said...

Hi~ It's not a food blog but it's a travel guide blog focusing on places to go. Feel free to join if you would like to be one of the contributor. C: