Sunday, 4 October 2009


Out with Jackson and Christine

Today will be the first day that I will be going to club.
Well, it’s really my first time to go clubbing so don’t laugh. Haha.

It is also Jackson’s birthday today so he called me and asked me whether I am able to go or not.
But at first, I already have in my mind to ask him whether he wants to check out the clubs in KK before he called me because I want to make him happy on his birthday. Since he asked me first, I just agree with him and Christine followed him as well. So, that will be the first time that Christine and I meet since we were saying that someday we will meet in person!

For the first time for me to go clubbing, hhmm… it is not what I think.
I thought the clubbing places will be like those which I saw in movies.
Well, three of us went to Fireflies. Hmm… How to say? It’s not my place. Can’t bring my mood on maybe I’m not into techno songs. Then we went to another club. Yes. Two clubs in a night and the second one it’s better than the first club probably because I love the songs that they played.

What I wore? My dress is from Jackson. He bought it for me in UK and I love love love it so so much! Well, it’s my first kind of dress that can be found in my wardrobe now lol. Thanks dear! Love it and love ya!

Picture Below: Christine, Jackson, and Me
Picture Below: Us, went out and get some fresh air

Picture Below: Blue Lagoon if I'm not mistaken
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