Thursday, 11 September 2014


Fossil watches outfit styles for women

Other than jewellery, watches are seen to be another form of accessories for women to style up their outfits. Same as I, I do own quite a number of watches. Recently, I bought this huge men watch for myself. Yes, a man watch and I love it so much because it is huge and classic. Plus, it has a stop watch!

Fossil, a brand which offers a wide range of amazing watch designs are catered to fit each individual taste and personality. Women should never neglect the power of what watches can do to a person’s outfit as well as personality. As watches can definitely play a role in impressing others, select any watch from Fossil various designs to create your own personal character.

There are 3 different Fossil watches looks which women can give a try to attract the attention of others while boosting up confidence. The first look is suitable for the ladies who want to attempt a sweet innocent look to their outfit by wearing a thin golden wrist Fossil watch with a dress and jacket.

The next look of Fossil watches portrays more elegance and maturity while still maintaining a fun vibe. The wrist watch from Fossil looks stunning and beautiful when paired with a nice long maxi dress which is suitable to be worn to parties, family occasions as well as work. To add more sophistication to the whole look, layer the dress with a cropped jacket and killer high heels. Show a little skin some sleeveless blouse or dresses to enhance your Fossil watch completely.

Lastly, the third look which can be pulled off by women is the simple casual style of wardrobe choice. However, opt for the patterned wrist watch from Fossil to wear with your plain jeans and tee while adding some finishing touches of multi-stacked bangles alongside your watch. Choose colourful bangles to add some cheerfulness in your outfit while looking gorgeous in your own casual way. If you have been longing to get a new watch, why not check out ZALORA website for a wide range of Fossil watches selections online.

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