Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Hennessy Artistry WhiteRoom 2011

So how’s your Hennessy Artistry at Time Square White Room??

The party was awesome and amazing! Although I need to make sure the Sabahan Bloggers are able to go in to the venue safely. Well, others (about party), I don’t know how but I heard it’s really crazy partying all night long!

Well, this is my first to attend Hennessy Artistry. I had a great time meeting new people and hang out with my friends as well.

Picture Below: All Sabahan Bloggers + Blogger from Kuching. (Great gathering!)
Lucky enough, I met Margaret (beside me) sitting there alone at the other sofa and I just ask her to join us all! Well, bloggers are family right? And oh gosh! I didn't get to take picture with Charlotte (last on the right). And of course, my sister MeiTzeu (the one and only with sexy bang hehe do we look alike?). Yes, we all are SABAHAN BLOGGERS! Rocks. ;)

Picture Below: Hayden and his friend (Real funny and epic picture!)
Picture Below: Suchen and DJ Resmonu

Get to try some new drinks.
There are 4 signature flavour drink from Hennessy.

1. Citrus
2. Berry
3. Apple
4. Ginger

Picture Below: Me showing the Hennessy flavours.

Everybody was everywhere! Sabahan Bloggers are at the VIP Areas which is awesome. We dance and party like a rock star for the night! Haha.

In the end we took some pictures for our memories.
Picture Below: Met Sherrie, Blogger from Kuching.
Picture Below: Finally met The Rungitom in person. He mistaken me with my sister during Jazz Fest. :P
Picture Below: and lastly, Me, Chloe.
Oh I took a video of the DJ. Please wait for it till I upload. ;)

Cheers and we’ll party again.

Thank you Hennessy and Sabahan Bloggers for giving us a chance to partayy!


Meitzeu said...

Aiya... I'm your sister and you didn't tag your blood related sisters.. -_-
But I tagged you and featured you in my blog. -_-

Rungitom said...

Oh yes, we will party again! :D

Daniel Chiam said...

why you no pictures of DJ Roxy June?

haha :D

♫╬ ChloeTiffany ╬♪ said...

MeiTzeu: LOL. Well, you can always tell me personally since I have forgetten to add your link. I have forgotten a few and they reminded me :)

Rungitom: Oh yea. We have a bottle still!

Daniel: Hahha. No luck man! But I took a picture of her spinning. Kinda blur tho. Thank you for visiting my blog!