Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Hello sweethearts.

Hello everyone!
I know it’s been a while that I blogged but it’s quite hard for me to blog while I’m having classes.
I would like to say ‘Sorry’ for those who I didn’t reply their comments in my blog like Kenneth Kin, RK, and more.

Tell you what.
I know I didn’t blog since New Year and classes start on the 4 January 2010 and then, I’m gone. Sometimes I’m happy because I see my visitor in the NeoCounter increases but sometimes I felt sad as well because I put aside everything in the internet and being too focus in other things but still that other thing is also important which is INTIMA. Other than that, I have 6 subjects on my hand in this semester and it’s quite tough for me to carry. Lecturers changed, the management and staffs changed, and what else is change? INTIMA.

I found out that I’ve changed my point of view in INTIMA where we really do what is right for the college and the students. After the Conference that held in Metropolitan KL which is on the 15 January (Yes, I went to KL), all of us learnt a lot from there. Our thoughts and ideas as well and it’s like a battle field while all of us there. Listening to all of the complaints from different campuses, answering all of the questions that we have to respond to everyone who was there, or even we have to accept the nasty feedbacks. But still, our heart will always say ‘thank you’ to them as the conference let us grow from a tiny seed to a gorgeous flower.

So, let’s talk about my subjects. God, 6 subjects is okay to compare to 6 subjects in Tar College when I took Quantity Surveying. That is totally unspeakable. The thing is Event Management really freaks me out because there are two different courses which combined in this event and it's hard for us to really sit down and discuss. But still, calls and sms for sure is the only way to contact each other to make things done. Well, we will do our best for that. Huu.. Financial Control? Gosh, I need a tutor. XP Maybe I should really need some time and read through again. That's hard.

Anyway, no worries.
I’ll update my blog as soon as possible of what had happened on January and Febraury but of course I’ll continue my December 2009 posts because it’s still pending and I just realize it!

Love you guys loads and Happy CNY!
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