Sunday, 3 January 2010


The Sepia Day.

Had a day out with my family just to have a shopping spree! 
Well, I did tried on some clothes but I really wish that I could get myself a GUESS jeans because it's on sales! Choose and choose then who knows, I can't fit in! *Don't you laugh* But in the end, I get myself a pair of MNG jeans and I likey in now still! Mom and sisters bought some from GUESS, Charles and Keith, Face Shop, and Salabianca!

So, here are some pictures where I am waiting for all of them.
Anyway, the picture (right) is where I tried a blouse in Salabianca. I just couldn't make my decision whether to buy it or not and I didn't buy it in the end because I'm budgeting for myself but my sister did bought it! =D

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