Friday, 10 January 2014


Papercup Phone

It is an old invention, but who knows when we will actually do it?

After a gym session with my love, we head straight to Aubergine for some good healthy food. After a long chat and right before we left, the boys came to us and showed us the new model of iPhone and Samsung. Oh well, literary it’s the latest model. Wanna have a look? There you go.

It actually works! I have to say that when we were in primary, this scientific thingy has already existed, but we never get a chance to actually try to invent it. And there you go, after leaving high school for almost 10 years, here comes all the funny behaviour.

Make a tiny hole at the bottom of the plastic cup, and tie a string (depends how far your distance to the receiver is). Pull the cup straight and start to talk. The vibration brings our voice! What an incredible feeling.

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