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Core Fitness X45 with Sabahan Bloggers

Remember that I said something about X45 by Core Fitness previously? Let me refresh your memory...
I was one of the 7 lucky Sabahan Bloggers were chosen to try out X45 for 3 sessions!

I’m gonna admit that I missed the 2nd session. It’s because I have a terrible sick that day. My bad!

Well, X45 by Core Fitness will only be conducted at the brand new 2nd Core Fitness branch at 8th Floor, Block W, Centre Point. In X45, it’s a set programme of 12 sessions and it’s a semi-private / in a group setting. Just like the selected Sabahan Bloggers (7 of us in a group). Each X45 session takes a total of 45 minutes of workout sessions. Anyone who signs up with X45 will be trained under the capable instruction of Eiji Low and Kirksman Teo.

Let’s see what we have learnt on the first day shall we?
First day of X45, we have been taught by Eiji (he loves to say 'always smile and everyone really smiles haha), one of the personal trainers there in Core Fitness

Eiji Low has 10 years of weight training and exercise experience, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®), a US-based certification issued by NCSA for professionals who design and implement strength training and conditioning programs for athletes in a team setting. He is also a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and has worked with clients from all age groups, and has experience working with boot camp programs and competitive athletes. His personal mission is to assist people in achieving their fitness goals and enhancing sports performance for athletes.

Kirksman is always by our side just to make sure we are okay and do the right movements! Kirksman Teo is a former powerlifter turned weightlifter, who also happens to be an International Business graduate from MMU. However, he later pursued his true passions and studied weightlifting, gymnastics and bodyweight movements under coaches from China, Bulgaria, Georgia and Russia.

Eiji Low was our trainer for the 3 sessions from 13th – 17th June. (Met him once at Twestival KK!)

DAY 1:
Warm up: Inch-worms exercise
Workout: 1. Weight, 2. Squats, 3. Push-Ups

I love the kettlebell but it’s actually 5kg! Why.. I still love it because it makes my arms firm and nice now haha! Hey, it really works and I can see some results now since then! Anyway, this workout is to swing the kettlebell with both arms but you have to relax your arms the correct movement will be from your hips because you need to push your hip forward!

Then... Squats? Owh squats and Push-Ups. Yea we learnt that. But that’s not the one that I want to focus on. What I want to tell you that in X45, we are ought to do 3 sets of 10 kettlebell swings, 10 push-ups and 10 squats! Each of us is given a task or challenge to complete the whole 3 sets. It’s aweeeesome!

In the end... dang! I felt dizzy ‘cause I skipped my meals and I haven’t been sleeping lately. Lol and again, my bad. But it’s still fun and I’m sorry and thank you Sam, Eiji, Kirksman, and Sabahan Bloggers for making you guys worried. Then after that, Eiji suggested me to get 100plus but guess what I had? ICE CREAM! :D

Picture Below: Push UPS!
Picture Below: This is the CHALLENGE
Picture Below: If only you can see the only one who's laying down feeling dizzy lol. 
Picture Below: Group Picture of Sabahan Bloggers with Sam Tan and Eiji
DAY 2:
I missed. DANG! But I kinda know what’s been going on during Day 2 when I attended Day 3.. It kind of link... Hmmm..

DAY 3:
Warm Up: Inch-worms exercise
1: Gymnastics rings
2: Medicine ball
3: Running

I remembered holding a medicine ball during Sam Tan’s Health Talk. The ladies get to use a 5kg ball, and the guys get to use 10kg balls. *evil laugh*

This is what we did during Day 3.
We’re placed in a group of two people. I love the workouts by using the Gymnastics rings because I really love to firm up my biceps. Other than that, using the medicine ball and RUN! Nah, just kidding. Crazy. LOL. We did squats with the medicine ball and lift it up straight to the top. Sounds fun eh? You should give a try! :P

 Can you feel the heat?

In the end, we all survived! Chilled, chat and get a warm bath from Core Fitness. Glad to know all of them in person!

What is X45?
X45 or Xpress45 is a new fitness concept that was launched on 29 April 2011 and is the brain-child of Sam Tan, the managing director of Core Fitness. According to Sam ( , they designed Xpress45 (or X45) as a program that incorporates best practices of fitness training with the following features:
• shorter workouts at a slightly higher intensity
• trainees always train under supervision of a qualified Fitness Coach
• workouts are programmed to focus on the 4 main physical attributes: strength, endurance, flexibility, and stamina.
• trainees train in groups to encourage consistency and fun
• uses a wide variety of essential, fundamental movements that translate well into life and sport
• setting of high standards for movement quality and fitness
• emphasizes a lot on mobility/flexibility for injury prevention and better longevity
• help people look good AND feel good

How much does it cost to join X45?

The fee is RM750 or RM500 just to get started on your 12-session Foundation Program and after you're done, you can continue to train/use the daily workouts under guidance of our training team at NO extra charge as long as you're a member.

What happens if I have to miss some sessions?

Core Fitness will be conducting a new batch of X45ers every month, therefore no one will miss any sessions even though they miss a week due to a busy schedule. This is because they still can join the next month’s foundation sessions that they have missed out on earlier.

Last picture: Eiji and I. Handsome right? :D
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