Tuesday, 25 March 2014


KK Burger Bakar offers MORE!

Remember the last burger bakar you had in Tanjung Aru? The KK Burger Bakar has made it BIG this year!

Located at the “food city” - 88 Market Place, Kepayan Area, it is easy to track the KK Burger Bakar place. Facing to the busy highway of Jalan Pintas, the signboard is bright enough to catch your eyes in any direction. Otherwise, it is just right beside Austral Cafe.

Today, as we all were checking out this place, they are offering something unique – interesting colourful burger buns. Choose between Rose Red (+ RM1), Green Day (+ RM1), and Charcoal (+ RM2). Or else, you still can choose the normal buns for your burger at no additional cost.

Well, that’s the whole package we get and let’s look deep into each burger.

Classic Titanic 
Beef patty and Beef slices with homemade sauce, salad and tomato

Classic Double Six with Charcoal Bun*
RM14 + RM2*
2 beef patties with homemade sauce, salad and tomato

Classic Salsa Chic with Green Day Bun*
RM10 + RM1*
Egg with homemade sauce, salad and tomato

Classic Lava Gunung Kinabalu with Charcoal Bun*
RM20 + RM2*
3 beef patties with homemade sauce, salad and tomato

Ini kali lah PRA 
This is one of their specialities in the restaurant. A plate of burger patties served without buns! So by looking on the picture that I took, you can see there’s beef patty, chicken patty, salad, fries, and completed with homemade sauce.

 Take a mouthful of these succulent burgers and taste their patty because everybody can be watching you! The restaurant is always full and the line at the counter can be long in queue too! Take away aka tapao is available here. So share some love to your friends and family back home.

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