Thursday, 18 August 2011

Chloe is back AGAIN!

Hello to my friends and family!
What a nice day to blog when it is a rainy day out there. Cooling and chilling.

Now here’s the main point. I’m back to blogger again to share each and everything that happened in past few months and also what is going to be happening in the future. Yea, I know it’s been months (again) that I stopped blogging because of my studies. Well, need to focus in that right? Then the blog world will rock like before!

Anyways, I have completed my Degree in Leisure and Tourism Management. Oh yea!
No more studies, but hello to working life soon.

I’m gonna take two months off.
It’s because I don’t think it is good for me to take leave for my coming China vacation in October.
So, working life will be starting in November.
Hire me please! Haha. Kidding.

So, here we go again! Blogging time! Stay tune!